by Jack E. Tar

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This album was recorded with a 2002 - Intel P4 - 1.7 GHz CPU containing a single GB of RAM.
All drums improvised solo during the first two weeks of October 2010 - GFW, NL.
All music (then lyrics) written & recorded upon the collected drum material from
October 2010 to March 2011, St. John's, NL.
Props to Stamp/Whitten/Coffey for the use of the extra instruments and spaces.
Not one single guitar amplifier was used during the production of this album.


released June 1, 2011

Songs/Instruments/Vocals/Recording: Jack E. Tar



all rights reserved
Track Name: Slippery Roads Ahead For Us
I remember the year you passed away - same year two bulidings crumbled down.
A lot has changed since then... old friend.
As if we didn't see it clear as day.
In the midst of a monster…
In the summer sun.
We were within it...We saw within it...
Alarms bells were ringing...
To the tune of the pipeline.

Miasma n’ me asthma are all joined in happy harmony by now.
For the toxic bird deposits curd upon the flower eaten by the cow.

Take a picture for the sake of what we know -
Cause it won't be there long... of this we're sure.
We disassembled the radio... We needed the parts.
To start building another kind of radio.
...And the fire that we set to mark the spot -
Well it worked.
Yeah - We're here.

Some common issues and a handful of self respect.
And forever desire to seek and detect.
Yeah... it's ever the headache.
But there are things you reject.
Sometimes the answer you seek...
It's not the one you suspect.
It always hidden cause it's something that you want to protect.
And when you're open it's at this time that you'll likely affect -
Another person seeking clarity.
Help seeing direct.
Without the aid of some big fat infection.
Track Name: No Pussyfooting
If you come in well you'd better have some backup -
'Cause the essence of sin is in effect here.
It's not what you'd expect.
This is the art of misdirection.
This is it so bring protection.

Seeing the mark is primarily the battle.
And that's not such a chore when you're surrounded by these cattle and sheep.
This is the art of misdirection.
Standby to make selection.

On the tip of your tongue... eyes move to the left.
Your wallet is gone and your forehead is cleft.
You've been taken by a capital man.
You couldn't see it coming at all.

But he was counting on that.
He had it under his coat.
Or was it tucked up his sleeve?
As long as you didn't see...

He wins.
And you don't.

We told you at the door to be careful... come forewarned.
Leave the valuables home, it's no place for a women and her children
to roam.

This is the art of misdirection.
Your things to his collection.

Skids and dopes and cheats unite in solemn quiet morning hell.
Beggar isn't hungry - not today.
Arms entwined in awkward ties to aid the ruse and then disguise...
Don't be so insistent... you could give yourself away.

You could give yourself away.
You could give yourself away.
Track Name: Wasootch
It was New Year's day 1997 - Driving through the Rockies in small silver van.
I'd never heard of that town.
I'd never even seen those mountains.
It was all so grand.
To the new eastern eye.

Wind was stronger than I'd ever felt before.
We were sliding on the highway trying to keep control.
And then a gust hit us hard.
Blew our van right off the road.

For a second it was kind of scary.
Laughing as we bounced up against the van inside.
No blood - just a bloody big ass headache.
And a van that couldn't move.

(The ice was a sheet of glass.)
Happy Fucking New Year boys.
Happy Fucking New Year boys.
Hey - At least it got better.
Despite inclement weather.
The van made it home safe after all.

WASOOTCH - I know you now.
Track Name: Stolen Articles of Faithless Proportion
Overhead the skies descend -
It's raining Wurlitzer grands.... with American standards.
That's what we get when we pander.

Let's dissect the rejects first - then collect the remaining few for the last research we need to do.

All systems go...
All children know...
We're on a craft heading out towards the vast beyond...
Even now you can see them...

Ivory tower is at best a fragile place to rest that head....
And when all is said and done...
It'll fault like the rest of the stones.

Monkey says -
Says out loud -
Skip the intro -
Pass the proud -
Gifts are random -
It's work that counts.
In many ways it's all that counts.
Bring the message -
Faster yet -
Past disaster -
Point and set.
Match is over -
Pawns reset -
Glass is half full -
Well, post your bets
Here's what optomism gets.
Pull your stool upside the vets.
Half the glass is just regrets - the other house is on the left.
Track Name: Dirty Laundry Is Your Gift
C-C-C-Cold blows the the wind between the heart & the mind...
The face of both shine but delivery times vary.
My faith is a shovel and a reason to dig.
Go shoplift for Jesus yourself.
We've been harvesting etiquitte that's worthy and wise.
No matter how late the rest - we mostly spark at the rise.

It's a silicon rope from which we hang.
All hooked up in too many ways.
And just because it's not true to life - well that's no reason for you to break apart come unglued NOW!

She said You're coming to town.
Are you repentant?
Have you forgiven the past?
Is there a reason.... ?
To question all those who surpass?
It's more likely now that you and your Mom go get smashed.

Was it wine? Was it white? Was it the worst that you've had?
Was it right? Is there a message in the song that you sang?
Was it it worth all those minutes?
Or do you choke on regret?
Is the best that you've got?
Don't throw the towel in yet.

Now big man's dad is out west.
The milk and honey...
Flow free 'cause we keep secrets the best.
It's all stored away safely inside of the vest.
We could be arrested but that's unlikely.
There's a bigger situation that we haven't considered - all this litter in your soul could be there for a purpose.
Couldn't it be?
Couldn't it be that way?

Fuck all those "sins"
Fuck all those "sins"
Fuck all those "sins"

Get fucked now.
Track Name: Finally Reached Cruising Attitude
Hate's such a strong word.
And often not enough
It's such a shame when these things sour.
And in the end - when push comes to help shove...
Me and you - we're mostly different.

And that's alright.
And that's alright.
Even though it's this way it's alright.

Seems as though we have been - to somewhere else & back again
Why must we?
Why must we behave this way... again?

Take the plane across the sea.
Visit someone you could be.
Visit somewhere you might find...
The enemy - and where he hides.

Take another look around.
Rely on sight - but more on sound.
For a minute it seemed we might get it.
But then we shot it instead.

Big man repeats himself for no one.
Big man repeats himself for no one.

It goes back a long, long way...
We're not even gonna try to see that far.
Only matters what it is today.
From where we sit... the simple problems - are real simple to solve.

Nothing left to call precious.
Nothing left to call fit.
Just a fucked up picture of history.
Wrapped up in some old meaningless shit.

So let's go to war.
That always works out well.
I hope you're keeping score.
Someone's gonna need to.
Track Name: The Golden Calf
And though you're by my side I've done my time -
I tried - I tried.
It's best this way if that's all we have left.
No reason -
There’s no reason -
No right way to kill that golden calf.

Surprise the sands of time come packed in bags contents sublime -
Passed initial scan the ruse is on.
There's a smaller chance that we will get to see enhanced...
The resolution now degrades and there is not a single fucking thing that we can save.

We were taught these words as kids -
"If you don't have something nice to say, then shut your fucking hole.”
Track Name: Denial is as Good a Place as Any Other
Flick the switch - I know it's not the same
The bitch went under several different names.
And her "A" game which was your demise was
The shit she made you do with your own lies.

You thought you was in it -
You was below -
You were the mark -
And you were marked from the start

And your time was up - you had nothing left,
but to feel corrupted it was almost time for you
To meet your death.

You get everything you deserve -
You were visibly on reserve.
All treaties past and now -
Get burned when we eat the sacred cow.

Fools gold rules out - safety first.
We're here sincerely to apply the curse -
And watch her burn.
Fake the image make the front page shine,
For the captive audience up inside that shrine.
Tell them who's watching them,
Focus the lens -
For the gas and the match are about to become good friends.

Only you can prevent it.
$5 at the pump.
Give a guy another chance already.

I don't need a reason.
Track Name: Prize Winning Pig
Day goes on -
On some more.
Head on floor.
We are surely home.

Though sounds abound and echo clear -
They somehow sever space between the ears.
Filter’s on - check the caps -
Can't withstand a break in that synapse.

Through the sky - past the sun...
Something lost - something won -
Frequencies collide at mission rise.

Ripping straight through the stars